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As a millennial, my outlook on media and news channels definitely varies from those of my parents who grew up in the 80’s.  I’m sure we’ve all heard it before: “why don’t you open up a damn newspaper and read something real for once!”  Honestly, it has taken my parents FOREVER to understand the significance of technology for our generation, and sometimes I think that they still don’t even get it.  It’s a concept that’s entirely new to them being that they grew up in an age where the most high-tech way of spreading information was through television broadcasts and phone calls.

For me, the news is everywhere.  With every scroll through Facebook or Instagram I’m undoubtedly seeing links and posts about everything from sports, to politics, to the newest cookie dough recipe.  The way in which we are exposed to the media on such a massive scale is entirely unique to our generation.  It’s never been so easy to simple Google “what’s going on in the world today” and receive 24 pages of links describing the day’s occurrences.

One media platform that immediately comes to mind when thinking of modern media is BuzzFeed.  BuzzFeed is an entirely new concept in itself.  There is nothing that isn’t on BuzzFeed: it encompasses all that a news platform hopes to achieve.  It’s relatable, easy to navigate, approachable, free, and has something for EVERYONE.  My personal favorite is their multitude of fun quizzes that they post (my friends and I send them back and forth in our group chat on the daily.) Check them out and let me know your results !!! Whether you’re looking to learn about the latest clothing trends or read a collection of embarrassing childhood stories, BuzzFeed has it all.

My favorite part about BuzzFeed is its often casual-feel.  Whenever I click on an article, I never feel intimidated by the way in which the piece is written.  I think that this is what makes the genre of a BuzzFeed article so perfect for my next experiment.  I initially struggled trying to conceptualize how I can take my jumbled thoughts and compose them into another piece of writing.  After re-reading my notes and talking with Julie, we realized that a central theme threaded through the majority of my notes were long distance relationships.  As a result, I figured I could use these raw feelings and thoughts and use them to compose a piece that discusses the ups and down of a long distance relationship in college.  Although I definitely don’t have a concrete solution for how to get through it (yet,) I think writing about my personal experience in this form could be helpful to those either going through it themselves or interested in hearing the struggles of transitioning from high school to college with a “home” boyfriend.



3 thoughts to “Introduction to BuzzFeed Articles”

  1. Amanda, once again, I love that you chose the Buzzfeed article for your next genre cycle. Personally, I think going forward with a more personalized article, intertwined with tips, is a good way to go. The “Top 10” lists that are often seen on Buzzfeed, after a while, seem to be a bit repetitive. There’s a balance you could find between generalizations/misconceptions of long distance relationships, tying it your experience and maybe even bringing in a little bit of that poetic language from the first cycle! In your poetry experiment, you planned on using original art or imagery to help aid your pieces. Were you thinking of doing the same with this cycle; are you going to be using images of you during your long distance relationship, or more general images depicting these ideas of love and transitions? I know Buzzfeed articles have some kind of visual component to them! Again, love this idea, and can’t wait for your sample! 🙂

  2. Hi Amanda! I think the idea of going with the Buzzfeed article is a great one for your purposes. I agree with Briana that list articles are a bit overdone. With the Buzzfeed option, you could make your piece as light-hearted or as deep as you are comfortable with. I think it would be super cool if, if this becomes your final project, you included a kind of Buzzfeed-style quiz on your website to make it extra authentic. I am imagining something like “Should you stay with your high school boyfriend in college?”. Anyway, I think you have a really cool idea and I’m excited to see where you go with it!

  3. I didn’t really think about Buzzfeed articles as a genre before this. It would definitely be cool to be at least somewhat casual about long distance relationships (I know from experience that they are not fun). I also loved Lily’s idea about adding a quiz to it to really flesh it out. It would make it feel a bit more authentic, you know? Can’t wait to see what you do with it if this was your final project!

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