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But now that you’re here, I guess you have no choice but to read about my struggles so far in writing my novella for capstone. Darn!

My first struggle is that the middle of my manuscript has no plot. That’s because I had such a clear idea of what I wanted in the beginning and end of the novella. And now, I’m stuck in the middle.


I’m too ashamed to workshop what I have so far, mainly because I think it’s so cheesy that it’s not yet worthy of your minor-in-writing eyes. I know we’ve all felt that, so feel free to mentally snap in commiseration.

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What I realized would be helpful is if I wrote out a summary of my novella so far. That way, everyone in class will at least know what’s happening each time I bring in my 35-page draft, and I will no longer be forced into an awkward state of dishing out vague, unhelpful descriptions.

Zach got me thinking more about what kind of character I want Death to be, which is awesome, because I’m not sure yet myself. Also, Sydney got me thinking about what illustration I’ll have on the cover, which is also awesome, because I’m also not sure yet. Note to self: think about these things later.

I’m going to be honest; I’m struggling to make this blog post longer. I think it’s because I always hated blogging, so I’m trying to get better at it. So I’m going to tell you about my Halloween costume.

I’m going to be Princess Jasmine, because the live-action for Aladdin is coming out this summer (which, if you haven’t seen the trailer, what are you doing still reading this?!
Go watch it-bye:

My boyfriend is going to be Aladdin, but we’re struggling to find him a stuffed animal monkey to borrow for his costume. Every Aladdin needs an Abu, so if you have an Abu you would like to donate to me for a day, I promise I’ll take good care of it (seriously, my email is, help a girl out):

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So many things to think about, so much more to write. Even though the draft was due yesterday.

Good luck everyone!

2 thoughts to “Read this to learn how to make a million dollars TODAY”

  1. You are not alone Fatima!! Although I can’t exactly help/relate to your struggles with the plot, I can relate to your last sentence… “So many things to think about, so much more to write. Even though the draft was due yesterday.” is EXACTLY how I feel! For me, I have found comfort in knowing that the purpose of this project is for our work to live beyond the scope of this course thus, if your project isn’t in its best form by the end of this course… you can still go back & edit/add to it later!

    Also wanted to take some time to encourage you… writing a novella is NOT easy and I commend you for doing it. I know that you are more than capable and that whatever you produce will be nothing less than GREAT. Keep going! Push through! You got this!!

  2. Hey Fatima!! I have to say I really agree with what Zach said, he just really resonates with me. Also love the Jasmine/Aladdin combo that’s gonna be so cute!!

    Also I happen to know the woman in your snapping gif! She’s Michele Bateau and she’s the host of the podcast Late Night Whenever. It’s no “2 Dope Queens” but it’s a close second. Hopefully with her second season the podcast gains a little more rhythm.

    Regarding your project, I think a plot summary would be great! It would have been nice to see an overview of the story and to dig deeper as the weeks go on. Maybe having a series of increasingly detailed plot summaries would be a good idea. That way it isn’t so overwhelming if we’re handed the entire novel out of no where because we’ll already know 70% of the story, just not the words you’re using to tell it. Regardless, I’m excited to see how this book turns out, I think it’s super impressive you taken on a whole book, I doubt I could ever do that!

    One more thing: YOUR WRITING WONT BE CHEESY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U GOT THIS

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