So, I lied

So, I guess I lied today. My podcast isn’t 25 minutes…um its 53 minutes and 8 seconds. Yikes! Looks like I’m making 3 one hour episodes for this project? I’m feeling a little concerned. Should the episodes be divided into smaller pieces? How did this podcast end up being so long and why don’t the beats in garage band mean the same thing as seconds! Why does one bar equal 4 beats which equals 2 seconds?! WHO decided that!

Basically, I’m thinking I can divide my episode 1 in half. Around the middle Hanna and I switch to talking about being stuck and finding ways to move forward in a piece of art you’re having trouble with, but I also think that longer podcasts that are around an hour tend to be more the convention for the conversational style. What do you all think? What does your podcast experience tell you?

On the good news side of things I’m listening to the rough cut now and its better than I remember and kinda adorable if you ask me. I’m also perusing the music on Soundcloud and feel like I really have an advantage considering that this isn’t my first rodeo. I already have a couple artists in mind who offer free downloads as long as you credit their work who I discovered when I made my first podcast for the gateway course. It’s such a relief to have familiarity with working in the genre. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to sharing a bit of the rough cut with you all on Wednesday!

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