Intro to the live blog

I’ve finally done it. I managed to get away from writing about sports. Big day. Couldn’t have made it this far without you all.

After talking with Julie, I’ve figured out how I will do this — centered around the election and my interest in politics. My origin piece was the article I wrote from the Final Four. My first experiment was a short story, in which I wrote about two characters on the team and about the events that lead up to the emotion seen in the game. My second experiment was a journal about my own experience. This time, I’m switching it up.

I’m going to take that experience — covering a team in a short period of time and issuing immediate reaction — and turning it into a live blog about my experience following the election. I told you it’d be different. Here goes nothing.

This genre will be akin to what most news outlets will do tomorrow on their websites: a live, running blog, with time stamps and reactions. This is a new era genre — one that probably didn’t exist 10 years ago, but one that is highly prevalent with major events these days Theirs often highlight what the results are telling us, and how predictive they will be about any big-picture trends that are developing through the night.

— Here’s an example:

— Here’s another:

Mine won’t exactly resemble that. It’ll be less strictly analytical and will be more a personal stream-of-consciousness rant. Buckle in. I have no idea how this is going to go.

3 thoughts to “Intro to the live blog”

  1. This is really brave of u to finally move away from writing about sports! I’m excited to see what you do with this especially because like you said, this is a very new genre.

  2. I love how you were able to get to the root of your origin piece, immediate reaction over a short period of time, and completely transform the genre. I think this says a lot about the potential that every single piece we create holds (even our most pointed, or essentially incomplete – talking about myself here – works). I can’t wait to see which angle you take with this, whether it be emotional, filled with predictions, observations of the world around you, or a combination of all of those things.

  3. I know you really wanted to move away from your origin piece and I think this is a really creative way for you to not only do that, but move towards a project that you’re really interested in. I love this idea but am just wondering how you would theoretically finalize it–would it just be a live blog from the entire night, or would something else accompany it as well? Regardless, I think this could be really cool.

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