Introduction to Genre 3- Interview Based Article

I believe the topic behind my two experiment cycles this far has been trying to understand myself in different spaces and what my identity exactly is as a junior at U of M. For my first two experiences I used genres that required me dissecting my personal experiences through writing. However, for my third experiment I am going in with the goal of writing about the identity discovery experience of a different college student.

I decided the third genre I want to practice is an interview based article. I think I will gain a lot of perspective through understanding the challenges with identity someone else in a very different space is having throughout college. I feel this will give me perspective on my own identity challenges and struggles.

From the article I pasted above I learned that it is very important that interview based articles have a main focus and go beyond just surface information. One of the biggest tips it gives for conducting the interview is that you don’t just write the answers down physically but also utilize a voice recording, so you can utilize every detail when you go back to analyze the interview. It then recommends that after you review your transcript you narrow in on what the focus is of you article and pick the relevant details/information from there.

I think when considering my interview I want someone not involved in similar social organizations on campus. Additionally, I want them to have different challenges in regard to their ethnicity, skin color, sexuality, etc. I am hoping through my interview to discover some identity challenges that I take for granted and never have to think about.

Right now I am not sure who to go about finding this person to interview. There are definitely different pros/cons of knowing who I interview.



3 thoughts to “Introduction to Genre 3- Interview Based Article”

  1. This is a really cool idea! I like how you’re trying to venture out from yourself and do a piece based around interviews with other people. I also think it gives your argument a bit more depth by talking to someone who is not similar to you and how they make sense of their identity on campus. I feel like this could be a really eye opening experience and I can’ wait to see where you go with it!

  2. I think your third experiment conducting an interview is a great way to look at other people’s perspectives on some of the issues you have describing and digesting. I think it will be very interesting to listen back to the voice recording of the interview and analyze every aspect of it. I also like how you are choosing to interview someone who is different from you because it will give you a fresh perspective. Excited to see who you come up with!

  3. I think this a great project to explore other outside ideas. I like how you are thinking about interviewing someone from a more different background to get more diverse opinions. Would you interview multiple people?

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