Moth Story Night

Unfortunately I could not attend the Moth Story Night, so instead I listened to one online. I decided to listen to the podcast titled “Confidence: Too Much, Too Little.”

I really enjoyed this podcast. Some features that stuck out to me throughout all five of the stories are that there is so much raw emotion. The stories are all so honest and I feel like I know the person after hearing his or her story. Additionally, no matter how serious the topic, there are aspects of humor. The humor allows for the audience to be more involved, since these stories are told to a live audience.

Storytelling has the ability to bring so many different types of people together. It is a legitimate genre because it is a real genre. Storytelling is genuine and a part of life. Many times we don’t even think about it as a genre because people tell stories in every day life. I was moved by how real and genuine the stories I heard were. My experience with the Moth reminded me that writing does not have to be done in the academic setting. Writing is everywhere.

I think it is so inspiring that people are able to get up in front of a group of strangers and tell such personal stories. I do not think I have the courage to do that at this point in my life. I hope that one day I acquire the courage to do so.

Here are summaries of the five stories I listened to:

Aleeza Kazmi tackles difficult questions when working on a self-portrait.

  • Used peach pastel to fill in her face when making a self portrait
  • Teacher said that is not your color
  • “How can colors belong to people?”
  • Couldn’t find the pastel color… teacher went to the gross crayon bin
  • Now the portrait is a mess with pastel and crayon.. teacher still hangs it up on the wall
  • Identity crisis- she asks why can’t I be peach
  • Finally came to terms with who she was… said she black
  • This was my favorite story to listen to

Dante Jackson comes out of his shell at his 8th grade prom.

  • Nervous to dance at prom.. shy
  • Gradually starts getting more into it
  • Turns out was one of his best nights
  • “He was locked in a dark room and took a step out and learned how to dance”

David Crabb celebrates an anniversary with a trip to the spa.

  • Went to spa with partner… not nice.. east village
  • Make-shift spa.. sketchy
  • He goes in room with attractive man
  • Awkward massage…
  • Ran away with his partner
  • Said will never do that again and they still laugh about it twelve years later

Sam Shepard brings his personal horse to the set of “The Right Stuff.”

  • He is an actor
  • Wanted to use own horse for a sequence of filming
  • Didn’t have another horse like that to use for the stunt double
  • Horse does the stunt with stunt double
  • Horse looks down and sees a black cable cord
  • Maybe he thinks it’s a snake.. big jump.. stunt double flips off and is dragged
  • Sam went to guy in hospital and apologized… stunt double makes a joke about the horse

Sarah Lee Nakintu fears her dream of education has been betrayed

  • Grew up in polygamous family
  • She wanted to be like her aunt… a business women
  • Always dreamed of the day she could graduate from university
  • Instead of farming one day, her dad asked her to do some house chores
  • Father said aunt was going to take her to boarding school
  • But she didn’t want to leave her mother
  • But she knew that if she wanted to liberate her mother she had to go to school
  • Her mom told her that her father is actually sending her to get married
  • Aunt said this is the best option for her… she felt betrayed by her aunt–who she looked up to and admired
  • Mother then said no she is not getting married until school
  • Father yelled at her for giving her opinion
  • In her culture, women are supposed to be submissive to the men
  • Mother who was always submissive had finally gathered the strength
  • She went away with her mom
  • Her mom was the only provider of the home.. did whatever she could to get money
  • She finally got enough money to send daughter to school
  • “Brought my dreams back alive”
  • “At first I thought I’d liberate her, but she liberated me”
  • “She gave up her marriage in fight of my education”

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