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Unfortunately, last week, I had to spend my chilly Tuesday night doing a mandatory orientation for a volunteer event that I am going to do – I would have much rather been sipping hot chocolate at Literati listening to Writer to Writer. On the bright side, I was able to spend my chilly Thursday night listening to the mp3 recording of an interview with Phoebe Gloeckner, an Associate Professor in the Stamps School of Art & Design.

Gloeckner is well-known for her novel The Diary of a Teenage Girl: An Account in Words and Pictures. One of the most exciting things for me when I was listening to her interview was that, when discussing her novel, she explained that she created by essentially using the same process that we are using in the Gateway: she took her diary entries from when she was a teenager and put it in novel and comic form – it’s basically like she’s doing one of our experiments! And then it was turned into a movie! I think that’s really exciting and really demonstrates the effectiveness of the experiment process and the gateway course as a whole 🙂 what a fun little connection!

I am always so impressed when I listen to an interview and the person being interviewed is articulate and engaging, because when I am in an interview, I feel like this:

Generally, I was so impressed with the way that Gloeckner was able to speak about her novel in a way that made me understand and connect to it, despite me ever reading it. At one part in the interview, she discusses how it feels to end a large project, saying that she does not feel like there’s any reason to live after doing so because of the deep connection that she has to her work. She said, “my work is me, so, like, who am I?” This really resonated with me and made me reflect on how I feel when working on/finishing MY own work. I feel that way sometimes, too, especially when working on graded work. The pressures of doing a good job when your work so fully encompasses who I am, just makes the stakes that much higher. Gloeckner says that for her, personally, she has to redefine who she is every time. I am going to take this very powerful sentiment with me as I continue working on my fully fleshed experiment.


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