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Usually at the end of a class, specifically writing or English ones, I don’t tend to actually see my growth. This class was SO different. I think the greatest way that I grew was in my creativity. With each experiment, I got more and more creative and challenged myself to really go outside of my comfort zone. I think that this really paid off in terms of the quality of my work. Looking back at my first experiment, there is not much there that is much different from my origin piece. Now, I am working with a completely different medium and addressing a completely different point. This is something that I’m super proud of, as I feel like I’ve started to lose my creative side a bit in college. I’m really happy that this class has given me an outlet to channel that side of myself.

I think that the biggest way in which I’ve grown is in regards to the revision process. Although this isn’t a totally new strength of mine, I have found revision to be especially important in this writing process. Building off of my last paragraph, I have found revision (as well as FEEDBACK from my peers) to be essential in helping me create my best, most creative work. I’m really excited to keep growing and seeing how revision can impact my work. 

Overall, this class has been an absolute pleasure to take part in. If you’d like to check out my zine, here’s the link:

Have a great winter break!!!!

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