Hello! I’m Leah, a sophomore from Shaker Heights, Ohio studying Materials Science and Engineering. I’m excited to begin the Minor in Writing because it offers a chance to complement my more technical coursework and to explore my passion for writing. I have always enjoyed writing, and was reminded of that during a writing seminar I took last year. Prior to that, I had taken a course-load that was all math and science, which was a pretty big shock considering that I was heavily involved in humanities throughout high school. During that writing class, I recognized how much I missed writing, and how much more there is to learn about it. This eventually lead me to discover the Minor in Writing, which I decided to pursue after considering that this would be my best opportunity to both write and improve my writing while in college.

The origin piece that I chose is an essay titled “Good Songs,” which focuses on the evolution of my taste in music as well as how listening to music with my dad has changed as I’ve gotten older. It’s my favorite piece I’ve written, as I’m always eager to take any opportunity talk about the music I enjoy. This was also one of the first personal narratives that I ever wrote, which served as a turning point in how viewed writing since before that I was primarily exposed to argumentative essays. I was drawn to the narrative genre because it felt refreshing to be myself and not overly-mechanical or factually precise. 

I think that creating experiments from this piece will be both fun and challenging because there’s a lot of content to work off of that I’m happy to revisit, but I also want to push myself to explore unfamiliar mediums and expand beyond its original message. I think that it would be exciting to work on a podcast inspired by this essay, as it would provide a good platform to integrate certain songs with the discussion about music that is at the forefront of my essay. I already listen to and enjoy a few different podcasts about music, and appreciate the additional context that this format allows.

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  1. First of all, I love your layout for this post! The shock of color is nice. I also love that you are choosing a piece that is so personal and meaningful for your origin piece. I hope your experiments go well!

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