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Hey guys! My name is Romy Sharma and I’m a business major with a minor in Spanish, and now, Writing. I grew up in Rochester Hills, MI and came to Michigan knowing that I wanted to pursue business. But my interest in writing was something that stayed hidden within for a long time. For years, I often found myself creating opportunities to write without realizing it. I’d edit friends’ essays as a relaxation activity, help my peers write their resumes with the free time I did not have, and do my English 125 homework first freshman year because I weirdly enjoyed it the most.

After taking English 125, 223, 325 and 425 (yes, by English 425 I had come to terms with the fact that I had an explicit interest in writing), I took to the LSA Course Guide to see what was next. And for the first time, I saw: nothing. I had hit a roadblock in my progression of writing in the classroom- until I realized that there was an entire Writing minor I could pursue in order to continue taking classes centered on the betterment of my writing style. So, I applied. And now I am writing this blog post.

So now we have the origin piece. Did you guys find it as intimidating to select as I did?! After days of juggling pros and cons of different essays from English 325 and 425, I settled on a grandeur, eloquent piece that I had written early last year: a tweet.

While it was difficult to select one from the dozens on my feed over the past year, I ultimately settled on a tweet because of the intrinsic excitement I had to transform it from 100 characters into: a sports analysis article fit for the Daily? A food blog for a Superbowl Party recipe? An academic argumentation on politics’ influence on sports? The opportunities are endless, and each one I think of piques my interest more and more. I ultimately decided on a tweet I wrote on Feb. 4th, 2018, taking a stance on Superbowl SBLII.

Being a long-term fan of football, I have curated a news feed that inundates me with daily – no, hourly – content of opinions on players, teams, coaches, and the synergies of entire football programs. Crafting a tweet that says something different from the hundreds churned out hourly is a challenge, but a challenge that I enjoy. The instant feedback gratification via “likes” and “retweets” makes the “writing process” that much more vulnerable, but enjoyable.

The topic of football can take me to many different experiments, and I’m excited to get started.

Until then, follow me @romysharma21.

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  1. Very interesting to follow the journey of how you got to the writing minor! Because your origin piece is fairly small, it sounds like there are so many ways for you to expand it that you will be really passionate about.

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