A Day in the Life of Jessica Coleman

Jessica Coleman is not a full-time writer. Instead, she is a social media/PR consultant, who writes on the side. Perhaps her social media skills explain why her website page is so organized and simple to navigate for viewers.

My writer conducts research by using her experiences to formulate an idea, and observing the world around her to use as evidence and examples to support her argument. She publishes on “Thought Catalog,” a blog featuring works of many categories and genres. When she has an idea, she looks within nature and the ongoings around her for evidence. She then writes these observations down and decides what direction she would like to take her argument. She then has an editor looks through her piece to finalize it, which then sends it to the final stage, when Jessica reviews it and goes ahead with publishing it onto her page. Jessica enjoys writing her posts about lifestyle, where she can express her experiences and findings into a succinct post that offers advice and motivation for the people reading it. Jessica only writes about lifestyle for the blog, as this is her specialty area. Within “lifestyle,” however, she is offered freedom to create posts using various formats and numerous topics. She basically can write about her experiences in life freely, which is what she enjoys doing in the first place. She does not get paid, as she does this as a hobby on the side of her real job doing social media/PR consulting.

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