Capstone Challenge Journal #1 Can the Known be Unknown?

I’ve grown up in a world where body image is essentially dinner table conversation. The constant awareness of how I look, what I put in my body, and how I look in relation to others has been something I have struggled with for a long time. This is the physical side of it, however. The mental and internal side of body image is where my interest and desire to know more emerges. I have personally struggled with some aspects of the mental side of understanding body image, but this has been particularly personal. I want to know more. Why is something so physically rooted in nature also something mental and internal? I have only taken a few psychology classes, but have never taken a class that delves into why we see ourselves and others in specific lights and why we make assumptions and judgments in our mind when we may verbalize other opinions.

A big aspect of my interest in this project is the subconscious. In a time where we promote love of all body types, all races, all genders and pure diversity, are we truly, 100% on board for full appreciation of all people? In all honesty, there have been numerous times in my life where I have seen a heavier set woman as a model or in a music video and have thought, “wow, this is great! They are using a woman who is more realistic to viewers.” I always leave these scenarios wondering why it is so unique and “great” that a woman who doesn’t weigh an unhealthy 95 pounds is promoted in media and sexual instances. I want to understand how the mind creates assumptions, decisions, thoughts, and subconscious judgment even in a time where we promote love of all people.

One thought to “Capstone Challenge Journal #1 Can the Known be Unknown?”

  1. Liv-

    This is a very complex topic that has been entirely watered down in the media. I really appreciate your perspective on this topic and am looking forward to seeing how you decide to delve into it.

    One thing that might be a challenge would be the complexity of the mind and the very many paths you can take this topic down. I would maybe set aside some specific questions you would like to achieve an answer for by the close of your project.

    Overall, I think this is a very relevant and interesting topic!


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