Challenge Journal 2: I am going to try coffee

I guess I just never really cared to try it after all of these years. I made it through college without a morning cup of joe (only a non-coffee drinker would say that, right?), I won’t let a 9-to-5 change that.

I know trying it for the first time should not be a momentous occasion, but that’s exactly what it is for me. I have friends and family that predicate their entire existence off of coffee. Not having coffee goes against every cultural tenet that places coffee-drinking a rung below death and taxes. Faced with that notion, I knew trying coffee was invariably going to happen at some point in my life out of pure curiosity.

And now is that time.

Writing my project proposal is one of the most difficult writing assignments I have had in my college career. It is right there, sandwiched between 10- and 15-page essays. For the first time as a writing student, through the organized chaos and preparation that I typically approach every writing assignment with, I had no ideas of what to do. Through excruciating focus and chats with classmates and teachers, an idea met paper. But without a ritualistic upheaval, I know I will be stuck in writing purgatory for my capstone. Insert my first ever cup of hot java (I know I’m not doing this right).

What if I love it? God willing, I love that one cup of coffee and only that cup. Now, it is a risk (gastroenterologically, at least) that I am willing to take. To represent a breakthrough in my writing ritual. To maybe, in that very instance, give a caffeine boost as I write my next assignment. To transition into a writing style that dives in head first.

I have never encountered such a severe writer’s block for classwork. For better or worse, I am taking action that hopefully inspires a revitalized mindset.

Now I just need to figure out which coffee shop to go to.

4 thoughts to “Challenge Journal 2: I am going to try coffee”

  1. I’m someone who falls asleep at night happily knowing that when I wake up, I can drink coffee. It’s comforting, it’s energizing, it’s part of who I am. Despite coffee being an essential part of my character, I think we are very similar. I have struggled with writing my proposal because for probably the first time in our academic careers, we are forced to face a prompt-less paper. It’s an odd sensation to feel confined in a limitless situation. Dealing with that discomfort, or trying that cup of coffee is hard. Maybe I am too stuck in my coffee drinking ways, and should switch over to tea. Maybe tea will lead to the inspiration I need. Let me know if you ever need to bounce ideas off of each other, I remember our projects being somewhat similar!

  2. Hey Ethan-

    Congrats on joining the coffee crew! I hope that it does not mistreat you, and that you don’t ever get caught in its deliciously revitalizing grip- as too many of us do. I remember when I used to think coffee tasted like dirt, that it was for those grumpy old people that had 9-to-5’s… oh how wrong I was!

    They say art imitates life; if you are open to making this big leap into a steamy medium roast, I can only imagine that the writer in you is open to exploring new topics, new genres, new forms of research, etc. I think that is a great place to be.

    P.S. Comet Coffee (in Nickel’s Arcade) is the best coffee in Ann Arbor, hands down.

  3. Blair and I speak the same language. I’m a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur (although a reliance on coffee may be a better description). But, as Blair mentioned, coffee is more than just a drink to me. It starts my day, it picks me up, it allows me to get going. What I love about coffee, however, as it relates to writing, is that I usually get this jolt of energy after my first cup in the morning. And, while I’m not sure about you, but when I start thinking, I start talking, and when I want to write, that talking translates to writing, to ideas. I know it sounds crazy, but rather than a reliance on caffeine, I think its a reliance on habit – maybe this is what you need to get started? The project proposal was an interesting assignment. How can we propose an idea when we don’t know what that idea will be? I’m still trying to figure it out. What I’ve noticed, however, is that when I don’t know- I take a break, usually grabbing a cup of coffee. I know I’ll have something to say after that caffeine. Whether or not the caffeine works, I think writing anytime you get this jolt of energy or wave of thoughts is your best bet- the worst that can happen is that you don’t use your writing. But, the best case scenario is so much better. Wishing you the best of luck!

  4. Welcome to the wonders of coffee! Just like you, I have never tried coffee before coming to college. I had my first ever coffee on an unfortunate night during sophomore year when I had to finish writing some codes. I don’t drink coffee everyday, though. I think of it as a tool that helps to power me up when I get really tired but have too much work that needs to get done. So just beware. Anyway, Mighty Good Coffee has really good lattes!

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