First Reflection

Furthermore, if I fully realized my project I think I could have created both a text and video format of the information I was presenting.  The video is its own mini project in itself so I did not have time to do that, but this would make my piece more reflective of some of the more engaging articles I have seen online. If I did this I think I would have learned more about the newscasting side of reporting.  This would include how to make a video with appropriate transitions and visuals. I have never done this before so I think it would have been extremely difficult, but I would learn a lot from it. Also, if I actually published this on a real website where the website owner is trying to make money, I would have learned about how online advertisements are selected and their inner workings. I find this really interesting because it is very relevant to my life, as my browsing history often pops up on the side of my screen in the form of an advertisement. In summary, the technical skills I would need for this is more about producing and marketing (related to video producing and the online advertisements).  I would need a camera, a software to create a video (possibly iMovie), and a real platform to publish this so I could learn about online ads.

Researching my genre, online news articles, I learned that content in the article is very general and intended for someone looking to learn just a little bit past the headline.  I was disappointed when I learned this because I wanted to include a lot of content in my article, but I learned that due to the audience I am writing for this would not be effective. What I liked however, is that news articles are in a way their own multimodal project.  For example, almost all online news articles have pictures integrated into the text. Furthermore, some have videos that are usually taken directly from their TV channel. This offers the user a lot of ways to interact with the content and can make it more visually appealing to engage with.

My origin piece inspired me to write this because before the Arab Israeli conflict class, I did not know much about the happenings in the region besides the fact that there is a never ending war fueled by religious beliefs.  I wanted to create content that would help inform people like myself about the current events and status in the region. Given that the region is so volatile, it can be hard to keep up with the news. I thought providing an easy to follow and engaging article could help my reader be more politically aware.  I think that I left my origin piece behind in some ways because my origin piece was very opinionated. In this experiment, I had to be very unbiased because of the genre. As a reporter, if you start using bias you lose credibility. This is why in my sketch I outlined facts.

I would want to publish this on a website with credibility, such as the New York Times or MSNBC.  These would be good options because they are places that people go to learn about what is going on in the world.  They are not seeking opinions, but just facts. Furthermore, an online blog or journal would not be appropriate because these are notorious for being based on opinions and not facts.

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