…my name is Bailey and I’m a junior, just getting started in the Minor in Writing. I’ve heard our cohort has a pretty diverse set of majors, but I’ve yet to encounter another Computer Science major (I’m sure I will.. eventually). You might be thinking “Hmm, why would a CS major spend time to get a minor in writing?” At least, that’s what I think you’re thinking.

Quite frankly: there’s only so many CS courses I can take simultaneously. When I was taking a notoriously difficult intermediate-level course, EECS 281, I went to a discussion section where the senior undergrad IA/TA was late, apologized, and said, “Kids, never take more than two EECS courses.”

That comment stuck with me, even though I’m taking three EECS courses now (thankfully, it’s not too overwhelming). So, the minor in writing is how I plan on padding my schedule. And, of course, the gateway course is the beginning to that.

I’ve decided to revisit Coins, an essay I wrote during my first semester at the University of Michigan for my LHSP 125 course, which focused on writing about film. I’m really happy with how I integrated the philosophical debate of free will vs. determinism into the essay, and I’d like to focus on that particularly as I work on my experiments.

Speaking of which… I plan on doing: a video essay, an op-ed, and a web app. I’d like to maintain some flexibility as I approach these genres, but I have some general ideas for each. For the video essay, I’d like to take some inspiration from some of The Nerdwritter’s YouTube videos and present some of the ideas from my essay with some nice visuals and (of course) a voice over.

The op-ed will be most similar to the essay in terms of medium, but I’d like to take the opportunity to make something with more opinion. For the original essay, I tried to take a neutral, diplomatic stance. But–for the op-ed, I’d like to shorten things up, make bolder claims, and focus on a personal argument rather than a broad view.

Finally, I’d like to use the web app as a way to tell a story, but with the added implication of interactivity for the user. Since the philosophical debate I talk about in the essay centers around whether or not we have free will, I think it’d be fitting to have something where users make choices.. but maybe end up with the same conclusion.

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  1. I like how you’re incorporating your CS skills into this project by doing one of your experiments on a web app! Also, I like the way you chose to address the reader directly.

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