Origin Story to Origin Piece

Hello all.

I’ll do a quick proverbial introduction to get it out of the way: Sophomore, New York City, *insert fun fact*. Okay—that’s done. Onto my writing journey. Only recently have I begun to explore the vast horizons of being a writer. In high school, my assignments never went far beyond academic essays and maybe a creative mini-project here and there. Accordingly, I didn’t think there was much to writing as a student—it was just required. However, when I got to college, my initial beliefs were swiftly catapulted out the window. As I took more writing classes that provided exciting prompts and directional flexibility, my love of writing progressively grew. That love was always there, but it was never given a proper outlet. I am truly excited to be a part of the minor in writing. This was the first class where I outright recognized that “I am a writer.” I sincerely look forward to completing the projects to come. 

For the so-called “main event” of this course, my origin material will be a David Bowie presentation I did in high school. It is a standard Powerpoint composed of bullet points and a number of video clips—nothing special really. However, the broadness is what really excites me about using this piece for my project. I feel a strong sense of possibility and power, able to take this project anywhere I so please. I am eager to see how the different transformations turn out. It’s like I’m on “Extreme Makeover,” but for writing. 

I wonder if, at the end of this class, I will look back on my old writing and see some drastic improvement. Every year I think, “This is the best my writing is ever going to be.” But I continue to surprise myself, improving every step of the way. 

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