Capstone Challenge 2: Presence

I was talking to Ray about changing the topic of my capstone project. One of the topics that I suggested was the relevance of monarchy in Malaysia. In the end, I abandoned that idea and proceeded with my original choice – “Getting Cultured.”

Ray said that sometimes things are worth writing and should be written but should not be published. I think that’s true. Even when both Malaysia and the US practice freedom of speech, some things should not be put out there. That got me thinking about presence. In this day and age, we find it important to have an online presence. Some might say that online presence makes it easy for recruiters to find you, you can reach out to a wider range of people, etc. But this ease in which people can get information about someone is just scary. I have made years and years of online marks and that makes me uncomfortable.

But not everything is bad. Drawing the line between good and bad is difficult, but worth trying. So here is my attempt at categorizing what should and shouldn’t be shared online:

Share These Online

  • Gateway and capstone projects
  • Writings and essays from school assignments, after they have been graded
  • Pictures of your pets, and nature

Do Not Share These Online

  • Your rage
  • Unfinished thoughts
  • Overtly detailed personal stories (i.e.; Right now, I’m staying at this AirBnB, in this city, in this state and country)

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