Challenge Journal #2

I am definitely struggling a lot with the “worth” of my project.

I know this project isn’t meant to solve world hunger or do anything physically altering to the naked eye, but I can’t imagine doing a whole project and there being no purpose or value that could come from it for anyone reading. My mind takes me to numerous places of judgment I could feel from this project; maybe not completing it to the best of my ability, or up to the expectations my peers may have. This all comes full circle in a sense of irony as my project is really looking at judgment.

I want to compare the judging that occurs in a gymnastics meet to the judgment we as people experience every day. Although not every time you meet someone, see something, or experience something, you give it a rating out of a 10 (although, many do this when describing romantic partners), we do subconsciously judge every aspect of our lives. In my attempt to create meaning and purpose to this project, I wish to apply how gymnastics judges view the world to how people in our every day lives view and look at others and scenarios. To do so, I want to make sure to cover how sound, sight, and likeness of a person is judged in gymnastics and apply those similar theories and ideas to the real world. For example, how attraction alters who gets hired for a job and who doesn’t, or personal judgment of someone based off of the music choice in their car. In comparing the minds of gymnastics judges and what they look for to, well, “judge”, I will apply these similar experiences to that of the day to day lives of all of us and how we judge people and our lives. Hopefully, with my knowledge of such a niche environment like gymnastics, I can extract meaning and ideas from this world and apply them to a larger scale in a way that shares my knowledge and adds a fun compare and contrast experiment. I guess we will see how it goes…

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  1. Hi Liv,

    I definitely sympathize with this feeling- it has been something I have struggled with throughout my Capstone project as well. When tackling issues that are so broad and impactful, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by them. Something that I have come to terms with is the fact that with issues this large, we will inevitably have readers who disagree with our conclusions. Though difficult, there is truly no way to analyze such a deeply personal issue without reaching disagreement. How are you planning on depicting this judgement and ensuring that your readers all understand it “equally” (or as equally as possible)? I have found that with these issues, it is easy to tackle large and looming questions upfront.

    A word of advice that Raymond gave me during our last workshop was to make two lists: things that you will be taking as “givens” and assuming that your readers know/agree with, and things that you hope to explicitly assert/argue. I think that doing this may help in understanding that the worth to your project does not need to be lost in its size.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your capstone,


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