Challenge Journal #2

Well, folks. Here I am writing my second journal and it’s only…4 weeks late. I think that speaks to how this semester is going for not only me, but also some other peers I have spoken with (Okay, just Abby, you caught me). But in all honesty, this semester was supposed to be easy. I mean chilling on the couch all day doing nothing easy. Needless to say, it hasn’t been. And why? Not because I have more on my plate than I have in the past, because I definitely have the same if not less. But more so because this capstone project isn’t something you can just do. It’s kind of like my puppy – you think you have this great thing going and you’re excited about it and then it shits all over your floor. And then you take a little time to “train” it and coddle it to make it as good as possible… and then it eats a tennis ball and needs emergency surgery. And the roller coaster of “wins” to “losses” keeps going for basically forever.

This project has many highs and lows. I’ve learned a lot from it that I haven’t learned in previous writing classes I’ve taken. Normally, and granted I’m not proud of this, I would grab some Redbull and 5 Hour Energy the night before an essay was due and write it all night. Although it was stressful, I got it done and I got it done well (I’m not sure if I want to provide textual evidence for this claim, so just believe it). But this, this isn’t something I can just pull out of my ass overnight. I’ve tried writing bits and pieces of it like that, and maybe it’s because my new old-person bedtime is 10pm now, but it really just hasn’t been working. So I guess my point is that this project is different and I’ve been learning how to deal with these differences throughout the semester. Perhaps I could’ve chosen an easier topic, but this project just seems so important that I feel like it should be a struggle, y’know? I guess we’ll see how it turns out – and I’m sure hoping it doesn’t seem like it was written overnight.

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  1. Hi Anne! We really speak the same language – I knew going into this semester that it wasn’t going to be easy (I have a full course load), but I was still hoping, you know? I wrote a similar post, taking about procrastination in this final homestretch. I have enjoyed this writing process more than previous essays/pieces I have written because of what you mentioned: writing in chunks rather than the night before it is due. We all know that this is easier and less stressful, but I think college students get weighted down by the enormity of the task ahead of them (write a twelve-page paper, write your final research essay, etc.) that we just pretend that we can handle it all in one sitting, because then it doesn’t seem as scary. What tactics beyond writing in chunks would you try or recommend to others?

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