Decision Time

Now that experiment time has come to an end, I have chosen my first experiment as my fully realized piece. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to do experiment 1 (photo essay on the history of tanks) or 3 (research paper on PTSD/veterans.) However, I was drawn more to the first experiment because I am very interested on how war has evolved due to innovation. I believe tanks were the biggest innovation the war field has ever seen up until nuclear weapons. Even after the introduction of nuclear weapons, tanks still have a very practical use in warfare and have evolved far past the origination.

I also embarked on the route out photo essay for a few reasons. First being it is still an essay. Therefore you can still have plenty of relevant information for your audience to learn from. But also, because the inclusion of photos can help the audience with visual aids. Such as, when I include a photo of the first ever tank and later some of the newest models of tanks we have. Using pictures will allow me to describe them easier because thy also have pictures to look at. Unlike if photos were not included, my piece could end up being dull and boring rather than informative and interesting.

I find this piece intriguing because of the time range captured, the interesting statistics that will be uncovered, and what is happening now. My plan for statistics is to show an astounding difference on the battlefield from pre tank era to post tank era. I believe this will show a dramatic change in certain aspects of war. Using the time range from before World War 1 to post World War 1 and way beyond, I believe my audience will find the rapid innovation on the battlefront very intriguing.


5 thoughts to “Decision Time”

  1. Hello! You seem really passionate about the experiment you picked and I agree, a photo essay seems perfect to discuss the history of tanks because for someone who doesn’t know much about them (me!) it would be really helpful to visualize them. I am also really intrigued by the idea of including statistics. The use of visually appealing graphs could really take your photo essay to another level.

    Good luck on your final project!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the support. I figure having photos would be very beneficial to help visualize. Currently i have been struggling to find a lot of statistics so I am not sure if that will be included.

  2. I think this subject matter is really interesting, and a photo essay is a great way to explore it. Some people would maybe get bogged down in a dense essay about war, so I think including pictures in which there is a clear trend to follow can make this a more accessible topic for everyone who would get to see you photo essay.

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