Final Experiment! The Choosening

The experiment I’m choosing to continue with for my final piece is my second experiment: a zine about non-human women in the original run of The Twilight Zone. Since high school I’ve loved zines as a medium over pretty much everything else! I love the different kinds of subject matter they can tackle, the diy feel of them, just how special they feel as a medium. I also really love The Twilight Zone; even as the granddaddy of modern sci-fi/horror genres and tropes, there are still elements of its storytelling that feel fresh and innovative. But, at the same time, I want to critique, or at the very least try to understand, how it treats its female characters, specifically the ones that are explicitly not human or “Living” by traditional standards. I want to know how these women are used to explore human consciousness, and what it says about the contemporary roles and attitudes for women this humanity is drawn upon. I think this genre is perfect for the kinds of critiques/associations I want to make for a few reasons:

  1. Zines and fanzines have been famously used by fans of science fiction and riot grrl 3rd wave feminism to create radical content that wouldn’t necessarily be featured in a mainstream publication, and
  2. It allows me to relate to the pieces in a way that’s much more organic to me than simply writing an essay or structuring a comic book.

Figuring out a venue of publication is tricky for zinesters, since many zines are self-published and circulated. However, there are a few semi-major publications that put out zines, such as Silver Sprocket, that I could send my materials for publication to and plenty of local comic book stores (Vault of Midnight! Green Brain! Prolly not Big Ben!) that would pick up circulation of my zine.

5 thoughts to “Final Experiment! The Choosening”

  1. I really like your idea. Maybe you could also just put it online somewhere so that the research you did is easily accessible to anyone else that covers the same topic for something else.

  2. Your voice is awesome and engaging! I love how effortlessly you convey your ideas and that they are presented clearly but not in a way that would bore anyone. Cool idea with the zines, and I’d love to see your work, whether or not it gets published!

  3. I could tell immediately how engaged in this topic and medium of expression you are! It made me so excited to read everything you wrote because I knew there would be so much enthusiasm behind the words. Really cool and different subject matter, and I think your passion about this subject will definitely show through in your final project. Would be cool to post your zine on the MIW blog, so we can all have access to it!

  4. Wow…I’ve never thought about that while watching the Twilight Zone. This experiment sounds super cool and I’d be excited to see the finished piece. I’m really curious about how you will approach zines and if you will incorporate that eerie sci-fi aspect of the show into it.

  5. This is so cool! I’m actually conducting research with a professor this semester in part about Zines and how great of a tool they are for artistically conveying messages! It’s beneficial for both the creator and the viewer! Love it!

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