My last Caldwell performance!

As part of engagement with the writing community on campus, I have stayed fairly involved in my learning community that I was in Freshmen year, LHSP. This was also the platform that launched my interest in doing the minor given that I had wonderful Sweetland professors then. Last night, I got to both perform and judge for an event held every year that celebrates performance and poetry called the Caldwell Poetry Award. As a former winner I had the opportunity to judge but I also competed again in the alumni category.

It’s amazing to see how the program has grown since when I was a freshman. The competence of the performance of Freshman students was also fantastic given that I can still recall how nervous I was during my first performance many years ago now. I also had the opportunity to judge with Shelley which was a ton of fun. This kind of engagement in a broader writing community is something that I feel I will really miss out on next year when I graduate and so it’s important for me to do them now, and remind myself how energized I get from events like these.

Thanks to Shelley, T, and of course, Carol (alongside all the other Sweetland profs who teach at LHSP) for creating an awesome sense of community.

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