Post 1 – Sprinting a marathon (and trying not to fall on my face)

The fact that tomorrow is April 1st makes me wish that this project would have an “April Fools!” moment and we would suddenly have another extra, magical month to work on them. If only. I find myself excited when I talk about my project, but paralyzed when I sit down to actually write it. Pairing that with one key member of a podcast section being off in Hawaii for a week with her family, the stress sweats have truly set in.

I’m trying to deconstruct how we as society talk about and express love, and give some much needed attention to other forms of it besides the traditional romantic type. This project has taken many turns as I’ve been creating it, but I finally feel like I have some momentum going forward. Getting feedback from strangers in workshop really helped with seeing what other people think when they first look at my project, as it has started to all blend together in my mind after so many hours thinking about it.

While it may be overwhelming, I’ve tried to keep in mind that this is a labor of love (ha, ha, also the theme of my project). I have so many thoughts on my topic, and so do others, so I’m trying my best to capture those thoughts and turn them into relevant reading and listening materials. So, my goal for this week is to write, as much as possible, and play around with the material I have recorded for podcasts to see what is usable. If anyone has had success with podcasts involving multiple people and can help with keeping people on track and not interrupting each other, I would love to learn your secrets!

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  1. This one really speaks to me in a dangerous fashion. I feel like the deadline to finish this project is creepy forward at a momentous pace and I’m simply unprepared. Like you, I’m keep trying to remind myself that this is a “labor of love” (less literally for me as I write some revealing facts about my past relationships and break-ups – YIKES). But as the crushing weight of my other end of the year projects and finding a job compounds on me, I find myself struggling to produce anything I actually like.

    I’ve been blessed with a workshop group that is extremely supportive – which I’ve needed for my sanity. But I think I’m at the point now where I need some tough love. Here’s hoping someone starts to call me out on the fact that I still have about half a project’s worth of content to produce. At the same time, I have felt extremely stuck moving forward because of the personal nature of my content. I find myself sitting staring blankly at the screen, blinking cursor mocking me for hours on end. And before I know it, it’s 2 or 3 in the morning and I have written maybe 3 sentences that I’ll eventually have to scrap. While I’ve always thrived by working under the gun (especially in terms of narrative writing), I’m starting to fear that I won’t produce something that I am proud of or that is good or that someone will actually want to read. I guess my point is – I get it. That sense of being paralyzed is (I think) a feeling most of us have at this point. Maybe just accepting it and pushing through is what will define success or failure for this project.

    On a different note, since I read your tentative proposal long ago, I’ve been personally excited to see your finished project. So just know that you are producing something that is interesting and relevant. Also, as an aside, I currently have a podcast with 3 girls who constantly interrupt each other so if you need any recording help/advice/just want to vent about the editing process, feel free to let me know!

  2. Sprinting is an understatement. I would describe my feelings as the actions you see people take in horror movies where some scary monster is literally trying to eat them and they are running like their lives depend on it, which they do. For some reason, I think that this is more than a sprint (not sure why). My life does not necessarily depend on this project (or does it) yet I find myself constantly thinking about WTF I’m supposed to be doing next, and why my fingers can’t just type it all out and move on.

    I’m glad to be one of those strangers that helped you through the understanding of your project! I really think what you have so far is exciting, and even liberating, but I am excited to see what you do with your Tiny Love Stories section. For some reason that has been something, I have thought about on more than one occasion since meeting with you. As an advocate for love (not just romantic, also friendship, etc) I think that this part is going to add to the loveable aspects your project already has.

    I keep telling myself that the struggle of completing these projects in the next two weeks (yikes!) will be worth it and that I will have something that I enjoy. I hope that you feel the same, and truly believe that you should. I look forward to seeing what you produce in the end! Good luck with the rest of your project!

  3. Hey Elizabeth!

    I cannot tell you how much I feel that sentiment about loving to talk about my project but not being all that excited to sit down and actually do it. I am also doing a podcast and find that getting myself to record, while probably objectively the easiest part because I am just talking, is actually what I am experiencing the least motivation to do. I am also experiencing problems with guest availability but am hoping this clears up for both of us soon.

    Regarding your interrupting issue; do you think it would help to script out the conversation a little more? If you can maintain a conversational tone while still having more of a script, it may help with your interrupting problem.

    Hope this helps! Goodluck with recording and editing, it’s kind of a pain lol.


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