Hello! After many hours of hard work, my E-Portfolio is finally ready for public viewing. I hope that those who view the website have fun exploring and interacting with its many features—maybe they’ll even develop an interest in Bowie as an added bonus. I used outer space as the theme for my website because I thought it would tie everything together in the atmosphere it creates. Even the songs I included aim to evoke a certain tone that I want viewers to carry with them as they browse the website. The idea of space also happens to fit well with Ziggy Stardust and the rest of Bowie’s other-worldly characters.

Overall, I aimed to (aesthetically and thematically) emphasize fun, creativity, and the idea that writing takes you to other, unfamiliar worlds that are ripe for exploration. Please enjoy the website, and, along the way, listen to some good music! https://cnmorse99.wixsite.com/eportfoliofinal

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