Announcing my Campaign

I plan to fully develop my second experiment for my final project, which is a poster campaign meant to inspire gratitude in the larger community of the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor. My posters will include some kind of design I have made with short phrases such as “be grateful!” or “say thank you.” They will also encourage those who read the posters to submit something they are grateful for to the email address where I will take any submissions and post them from a Twitter page. I will give that person the option to submit a picture of the thing they are grateful for as well, so I can make the content of the Twitter page a little more engaging. I will put up these posters all around campus and possibly in some off-campus locations where student advertisements are welcome.

What makes me love this project is the measurable impact I will see it making in my community. I have already had the chance to have gratitude impact my life in a positive way, but I would like to see these benefits spread to the community. If someone chooses to submit something they are grateful for, then my project has actively made them reflect on something in their life that personally makes it better. If someone sees my poster and does not choose to submit something, at least I have brought consciousness of gratitude into their day, even if it is for a moment.

My only concern is making sure the Twitter page can reach a wide enough audience, but I believe I can help promote it through my friends and social media and hopefully my posters.

For my next steps, I would like to fully design some versions of the posters and make sure they grab people’s attention, inspiring them to participate in the movement. I am really excited to see how they turn out!

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