Capstone Challenge Journal 2: Approaching the End

As the semester draws closer and closer to an end, I can’t help being overwhelmed with the future. So instead of thinking about that, I decided it would be less stressful to just be overwhelmed with the project. This has also proven to be difficult and unpleasant at times.

Unfortunately for me, I am the type of person who likes to work under pressure. To make myself feel better about it, the phrase “diamonds form out of pressure” always pops into my head when I have 5 hours left to complete a project that I could have given myself way more time to do. Lucky (and unluckily) for me, this project is not something that I have had the opportunity to wait to do. Maybe that’s the reason I constantly think about what progress I have made and where I want to see it end up in the future.

Throughout this process, my opinion on my topic has changed and my frustration has grown with both the topic and my progress. I have been talking about heroism and researching tons of people who have been called heroes and who have actually done heroic things, and this has made me more and more frustrated about who gets the title. I think that I have taken a large amount of this frustration out on the introduction of my project which has turned into more of an “I hate this word and never want to think about it again” than a “welcome to my project so glad you’re here let’s take this journey together.” That being said, this is something that I plan on focusing on this weekend. As the due date looms over my head, and my frustration is at its peak, I am taking a day off from thinking about my project (if I can help it) and hopefully coming back with a new and fresh start tomorrow when I spend the 4 hour block I set aside for myself working on my writing. This type of time blocking is unlike me, but we’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

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