Capstone Journal 4: The Finale

Ah yes, the day has come. It is showcase day!

I have feared this day for a little bit as my perfectionist personality has led me to constantly obsess over editing my project. It has even gotten so excessive that my roommates have emerged from their rooms at the wee hours of the night to make sure I’m not still up editing on wix. Lol, this really makes me sound cool.

The good news is that the more time I have spent digging deeper into the overall meaning and purpose of my project, the more satisfied and relieved I am to see something important emerge. Last time I wrote to all of you hoodlums, I expressed my concern for making something that didn’t matter. Luckily, my lovely friends, your kind comments and words of encouragement urged me to stop being dramatic and realize that what I have created does have meaning. although niche in its focus on gymnastics and body image, the overarching theme of judgment and physicality judgment to assume personality is pretty real and prevalent. And regardless of whether or not people will see it and agree with me, the mere fact of getting the word out and acknowledging the elephant in the room is a start.

Something else I struggled with regarding this project was the “so what” of it all. Initially, I thought this project needed to be some end all be all that solved physical judgment. I know you’re laughing because I am too. If I could solve that, I should definitely not be doing a project and should be discussing this with some scientist somewhere. But, I guess the “so what” of this project became more of a public service announcement rather than a solution. We all know judgment is there, we just let it simmer in our minds. My hope is that this project creates some form of open discussion about judgment and how we can work toward removing some type of physical judgment within our lives. The subjectivity of gymnastics and Tinder may not be fixable, but the general judgment we create every day is something we can control and start minimizing. And that is the point of my project. Awareness. Honesty.

Thank you for going on this journey of creating something meaningful with me and for sticking by my side (even though you were kind of forced to by the syllabus of this class). Here’s to the end of a crazy semester and to a fabulous showcase this afternoon!

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  1. I also thought about whether my project will still matter after it’s over. I think it probably won’t matter for almost everyone, because I doubt many people outside our MiW would even become aware of its existence, let alone take the time to read it. But it will matter to me as long as I remained engaged in the topics I discussed, because I can always come back to my project, remember all the ideas I had, and either recycle them or articulate them better.

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