Capstone Showcase

Last week I had the opportunity to share my work with my peers and reunite with my Gateway pals. I got to show off my work to the world…. and I was terrified that my project wouldn’t make sense to anybody but me and my supportive workshop group. That being said, I worked until the last minute possible. I was unable to attend that showcase when I produced my Gateway project so I didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to be sharing with my class? Or forced to stand in front of the entire room and give a speech on my project? This uncertainty kept me up through the night as I tweaked animations and rewrote and rewrote until I ended up leaving when I already had at the beginning.

Needless to say, the showcase was so much better than I had expected. Not only was I able to learn about other people’s projects, but I was also able to finally show off the hard work that I have done this entire semester. I even volunteered to be the first one at my table to go– when walking into that showcase I would have preferred to hide behind somebody with my laptop closed.

As I presented my project I could sense a sincere interest in the topic and a fascination with the work that I had done. This surprised me because I the entire time completing this project I wondered if there was a single person in the planet who would even be remotely interested in the topic that wasn’t me. I am so glad that I was proved wrong.

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  1. Hi Emily, I also really enjoyed showcase! I loved that you stepped up and went first (pretty sure I went last lol), but its comforting to know that everyone at the table has gone through or will go through a similar experience to you.

    I thought your topic was super interesting! It wasn’t an angle that I had considered before, the word “hero” is thrown around so much these days, it was awesome to see it all in perspective. I like how you didn’t make any claims either – you weren’t there to tell the bus driver who gave candy to his students that he wasn’t a hero, merely to point out what he is compared to amongst hero’s.

    Great work!!!

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