Does Showcase Mean It’s Over?

Sitting here as the capstone showcase wraps up, I can’t believe it’s already over! I don’t know if it’s the result of being done with college or just with a massive project that took up much of my semester. Probably both. I think I often feel this way when I finish large literature pieces. Maybe it’s especially strong this time because I made something I had never made before this semester; a podcast. Learning how to create and edit a podcast was something that was actually a lot easier than I anticipated (shout out Garage Band!) Still, it feels weird. It reminds me of when I typed an essay about my experience with nationalism and feelings of strong emotions during my trip to Washington D.C. It was the largest piece I had created (until now) and it never really felt done. Kind of similar to how I feel now. With a topic as meta as feelings of emotion and then subsequently, a discussion on free will and determinism, I guess the discussion is never really done. With something that’s hard to explain or something that can never really be over, it leaves the creator feeling unfinished. That’s how I feel now. I feel like I could continue this free will discussion with countless more guests, experts, friends, etc. and keep this podcast going as more and more stories and incidences of guidance and free will continue to occur in the world. Well, I guess there isn’t much more work to be done now that I’m leaving showcase, but this topic is definitely something I will continue to ponder as my life progresses.

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