here it is! (my eportfolio, v1)

I’m pleased to have completed the first version of my EPortfolio after completing my gateway course. You can access it here:

For my EPortfolio, I used a BootStrap template and hosted the page for free via GitHub Pages. As part of the development process, I made considerable edits to the structure of the theme and, of course, integrated the bits of work I completed throughout the semester.

I placed everything except for my “Why I Write” essay under a dedicated “Projects” section. When you hover over the custom icons I made for each experiment, you’re prompted to click to expand to see more details. You can then read the proposal and go further with links to each experiment’s full PDF.

I think presenting the Final Project center-justified, below the experiments, and as an obvious “click me!” button, draws the kind of attention I want to it. There’s also a quick link to see the bibliography for the final project in the same section.

Both my “Why I Write” essay and my about section have their own sections, which I decided was the best move as I hope to update those in the future. So, by giving them dedicated space, my goal is to signal their dynamic nature.

I’m really happy with how my EPortfolio turned out. It’s a single page, unlike some others, but I think it actually works out quite well since you can get a high-level overview of each piece of work without needing to delve too deeply into a particular part.

I’m also very grateful for the template I used, as the clean design, light animations + scrolling behavior, and single-page encapsulation would have been much, much more difficult to build from scratch. By minimizing technical overhead, I was able to better focus my time on improving the presentation of my work.

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