Hindsight is 20/20 (and I like it that way)

I most likely am starting this challenge journal after classes have ended for the same reason I struggled with my capstone project – there are no guidelines! I have a hard time functioning without guidelines…

In terms of my project, that meant I often did not know when to stop, what tone to take, what content to focus on or what to skim over. It began to feel like it would never end.

However, as we approach the Showcase, I have thankfully seen the end, and am (also thankfully) very close to it. It is interesting looking back because I don’t feel as though there was ever a point where I thought “this is how my project will look.” Instead, I took an idea and ran with it and this is what I ended up with (something that I am very happy with if I do say so myself).

I’m not certain this is generally a good strategy for writing, but it is something I have often done in the past. It was beneficial for me in the sense that my project was able to be malleable to new content that I discovered and new avenues I wanted to explore.

Most of the content that I included, and that I liked the most, wasn’t known to me when I began. Therefore, I don’t think I ever could have thought up a project that looked like this before actually doing all of the writing.

This may also be a great excuse for procrastination and laziness. It also made the project very difficult to start. What do I write about first? What am I trying to say or argue? Having the first workshop content be an intro page was slightly more helpful in getting my ideas on paper, however getting started was definitely the most difficult part for me.

Either way, I think my strategy of more or less going in blind was beneficial to my project.

One thought to “Hindsight is 20/20 (and I like it that way)”

  1. I definitely relate to this feeling of needing guidelines (as evidenced by my similar timing for the journals). I completely agree that it is so hard to visualize these projects before you create them, since my project has taken so many twists and turns since I originally began, from changing topics last minute to the tone I wanted to convey with my writing! At least for me, my project became very personal, and has impacted my own perspective on things a lot, in ways I could not have imagined at the start of the semester. But I agree that getting started was the hardest part, and as a person who writes and works the best under the pressure of a deadline, this is especially relatable. Congrats on finishing, even if you went in blind!

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