How to Gateway

This class is as much as you put into it. I’m going to say that upfront.

It is really unique that in college, especially one like Michigan, that you have the opportunity to take a class like this. A class that you can mold and make your own, and one where you are guaranteed not only to know everyone’s name by the end of the semester, but their personalities and writing voices. Everyone’s individual characteristics come to light in the context of constantly sharing your writing and collaborating, as well as exploring your interests in ways you never thought of through the experiments.

Some specific ways I can attest will help you have the best possible experience in gateway are to:

  1. put effort into the daily 5-minute writing pieces at the beginning of class (it will be fun to look back on at some point)
  2. when there is something you like that is working in one of those 5-minute writing pieces, share it with the class (bonus points if it’s funny and entertaining)
  3. give feedback to people who share their work! (it will make someone feel really good to get positive feedback and make everyone feel more comfortable sharing their work)
  4. volunteer for workshop – although it seems intimidating, you will get incredibly insightful feedback, and you may find yourself in a direction you couldn’t think of before
  5. get to know the people in your class – like I said before, I haven’t had another class here where I could tell you everyone’s name and something specific about them, which is really unique
  6. meet with your teacher! If you have T for gateway, she is more than willing to meet with everyone individually (it’s actually required a few times), so take the time to really get to know her because she is incredible thoughtful and helpful

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful in how to approach this class in order to get the most that you possibly can out of it. It’s a great opportunity, so you should look to do just that.

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