IT’S DONE! But is it ever really done?

Gosh, this title encapsulates so many parts of my life right now. This has been quite a strange senior year for so many reasons. For starters, I did not expect to be embarking on a capstone project that I would turn into a published novel. I mean sure I wanted to create something I was proud of, but I did not expect to uncover something so meaningful to me that I wanted to share it with the whole world (beyond my website of course). The showcase is tomorrow and I can’t help but keep adding to and editing my website. I am experiencing a serious sense of “this can’t really be done… can it?”

This is the theme of senior year. We are graduating and moving on to bigger and (hopefully) better things. I will be living on my own in Manhattan and taking on THE big city. Okay, that’s dramatic I have lived on Long Island my whole life and I lived in Manhattan with my best friend last summer so this isn’t some new uncharted territory that I have never explored, but STILL. ALL BY MYSELF! Now that, is new.

College has been a learning experience. For many more reasons than just that we learn in our the classroom. I have learned a lot about myself and the people I choose to surround myself with (and not surround myself with). I also have learned to explore different things than I already know I like.

This capstone project has allowed me to explore myself intimately and reflect deeply. I am very grateful for all that this university has brought me over my 4 years here, especially the MiW.

A very special thank you to Ray for supporting and encouraging me through my gateway and my capstone and allowing me to truly grow in ways I never would have imagined, both as a writer and as a person.

One thought to “IT’S DONE! But is it ever really done?”

  1. Serena–

    You are going to kick booty in Manhattan all by yourself! I have no doubt in my mind you will use your voice and your honest personality to maneuver through the big city with grace. I am also so proud of you for using this project as a launch pad for your book. It is pretty exciting to see a project for college turn into something that is going to be published. All of your hard work has definitely not gone unnoticed and your passion for gymnastics and awareness to your topic is so admirable. As someone who had some similar experiences to you, I cannot even begin to thank you for all of the work you put toward this project. you better believe I will be preordering this book ASAP!!!

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