Metamorphasis of a City Block

I will be advancing my third experiment into a final project submission format. The experiment was a sample of a photo essay of my trip to Detroit in which I highlighted the new Shinola Hotel as well as its revolutionary impact on the surrounding area. This experiment was the most desirable to continue working on because of its limitless communicative potential- alongside pictures, I intend on implementing opinions, overheard conversations, and thoughts that I/nearby people had at that moment and place.

I am slightly concerned about effectively narrowing down my camera roll from the trip to Detroit; I took over 150 pictures of that block including the interior and exterior of the hotel as well as adjacent businesses. While I used Powerpoint and Word for the experiment for this photo essay, I will use an official web platform to creatively relay my story and perspective on the day.

I would ideally like my ePortfolio to represent the recurring theme between my experiments and origin piece – the gentrification/revitalization/renovation of urban landscapes. On this note, blurred background images of modern buildings and construction projects would be fitting for each page of the website. While I have been passionate about each experiment that I’ve done, I want to include a blurb about each experiment and what I learned from them. More generally, I would like to have an about the author segment to give the reader some background on my personal interests so they can better relate to and connect with my final project.

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