My Editing Process

Confession time! For everyone except Ray because I’m pretty sure he’s figured it out by now. I HATE EDITING. Confession #2…I have actually turned in papers without re-reading them before…oops

Bring on the heat, writing community.

BUT, I assure you I took my sweet time editing my capstone project and while I won’t say it’s perfect grammatically, it better be pretty damn close.

In the past I have relied on others to help me with the editing process. Having another set of eyes on my work always reassured me that A) my work wasn’t terrible and B) they could catch mistakes that I wouldn’t. However, for this project, I have been fiercely possessive over my writing and haven’t let anyone else read it other than my workshop group members.

That means I edited alone, and for me, it actually took four days. Once I finished adding raw content, I went back through everything on my computer and added in words/phrases wherever necessary and fixed any glaring mistakes. Then, I printed out each web-page of my site and line edited my work with a pen. Finally, I ran everything through a grammar checking software, and have been reading and re-reading it all on my computer ever since (I can’t seem to stop, can anyone relate?)

For the amount of work I have put into this project, I wanted to make sure that those who read it, can read it coherently. It feels good to have a product that I’m happy with and that will (hopefully) look professional.

But, Ray, if you find any possessive apostrophes where there shouldn’t be…I’m sorry.

One thought to “My Editing Process”

  1. Hi Kirsty, it’s interesting that it was the editing rather than the initial writing that stressed you out more, because it’s the other way around for me. I don’t think I enjoy editing more than writing, but I definitely feel much more mental pressure when generating content for the first time, whereas I can always go on editing with a detached and casual mindset. But since both are crucial aspects of writing, I think it’s good that you’ve been able to handle the stressful task mostly by yourself and managed to finish it, as I hope it is also for me.

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