My Gallery, My Showcase, My Wix

We took a class trip to see a project. The focus of Sinking Cities was the effects of climate change on cities around the world. The pictures, videos, and articles were showcased on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library. It was eloquently presented, capturing your attention with flowing water and the flowing stories.

With this presentation fresh in my mind, I knew that where I exhibited and how I showcased my project would be important. Both are influential in how the audience understands the project. Additionally, the presentation method gives context to how the audience should interpret it. Bright, fun colors will have a more humorous, upbeat review of the piece. While a dark background will have the opposite effect.

For my own project, I knew that I wanted it to be sentimental and cheerful. I choose my project to be exhibited on Wix, for its user-friendly and creative interface. I found a theme, equipped with flowers and bold writing that would be perfect. I changed the color scheme from brighter pinks to darker purples, holding true to the feminine nature yet dampening down the overly cheesy hot pinks.

I kept the flowers to add to the feminine aspects and carried the theme throughout. I kept all of the colors consistent on every page and I did the same uniform format for the dedication pages. Each person got a title, quote, a few pictures, and their own little bio.

The last changes that I made were recommendations from my workshop. I switched my introduction from a separate page onto the scrolling home page. I added more multimedia aspects to my dedication pages. Lastly, I finished up a few extra pages, making sure to keep them uniform to the rest of the project per a recommendation.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with how the site turned out and how it showcases my project. Wix, you’ve been a blessing.


One thought to “My Gallery, My Showcase, My Wix”

  1. Hi Julia,
    I love the new look of your website! I didn’t really have any issues with the aesthetic or readability before, but I’m blown away by how much better this looks. Even things like the changes in color scheme that came with that new theme made a big difference – I still get a cheery/friendly/feminine vibe here but the color scheme feels a bit more put together.
    I think it’s cool that you connected this back to the Sinking Cities project, and that you’re thinking of your website as your gallery space. I have some experience with displaying work in galleries, and there’s always a lot of work that goes into tailoring the space to the work (or vice versa, on the artist’s part) to make for the best experience to represent the project. It really shoes that you’ve approached your website with that same level of attentiveness.

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