On writing about controversial topics

I read about my capstone topic in the news every single day. I had google alerts set up for different key words (this is a horrible stressor and I would not recommend it) and yet I still do not feel like an “expert” on the topic.

I am not sure I have ever written about anything that I was worried people might get angry about, accuse me of being wrong about, or simply disagree with me. Writing about immigration forced me to think about other perspectives and others’ opinions with everything that I wrote. This was an invaluable lesson!

I have often been told that I don’t write with a lot of confidence, and that’s probably true. The tough part about writing about controversial topics, however, is that no matter how confident I am in my thoughts and opinions, someone will most likely always disagree with me.

I do feel like the writing in my project has been fairly confident this time around (maybe even a little too “in your face” depending on who you ask). This may be due to my personal attachment to the topic, or it may be because I did a lot of research. Either way, I hope that if someone reads my work and has a completely different ideology and perspective, that my words and thoughts are clear and cohesive enough for them to at least understand it, maybe even acknowledge it, as a valid point or idea. I would also invite them to message me! As I mention in the conclusion of my project, in the conversation about immigration, collaboration is key.

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