The Big Reveal

For my final project, I’ve decided to fully realize my Ziggy Stardust fan fiction piece. More specifically, it’s a short story based on David Bowie’s concept album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider’s From Mars, telling the tale of Ziggy’s fall.

This piece was my very first experiment. After choosing my origin material, I knew it was something I wanted to try since it had so much creative potential. When I began the story, I immediately felt a connection to it. I found myself unable to stop writing, as ideas continuously flowed onto the page. I also had the opportunity to have this piece workshopped, receiving significant valuable feedback that I want to incorporate into the final project. Part of the reason why I chose this project was that, out of all my experiments, I felt most uncomfortable with having this piece remain unfinished. I want to finish what I started, and create a full story by filling in the missing pieces.

One of my concerns is that I wrote the majority of the story in my sample. While I do have a good amount of detail, background, dialogue, etc. that I want to add, I don’t think it will end up making the piece significantly longer. I mostly just want to make the story feel complete, rather than change it dramatically.

Moving forward, I want to focus on making the fan fiction story as strong as I possibly can. I began my e-portfolio ahead of time so I can put more time into my writing. I hope to get some fresh eyes on the piece since I have read it so many times at this point.

One thought to “The Big Reveal”

  1. I love the way you wrote about your decision to make the fan fiction your final experiment piece. My favorite line in your post was that you “felt most uncomfortable with having this piece remain unfinished.” For some reason, that feels a lot more honest to me than something like “I really wanted to finish this piece because…,” which is probably most people’s default. Well done!

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