The end is near, but not in sight – Challenge Journal #4

Hello blog, we meet again. I’ve noticed a pattern of my posts – essentially I complain and you listen. So thanks for that. But while I’m only completely terrified of what this next week will entail, I’m going to try my best to remain positive in this post.

I want to reflect on my Gateway project because a) I have not had the chance to do that yet, and b) I have found myself in the same spot I was in during that project (learning from past mistakes is a myth, right?). For starters, I was over-ambitious. Which, don’t get me wrong, isn’t always a bad thing. For this minor especially, I think it’s a good thing to dream big. The obstacles that present themselves during the journey, however, make it so, so difficult to fulfill expectations.

With my gateway, I never struggled producing content. I had a vision and was able to fill in the content for that vision, but with regards to my remediation, I fell utterly short. Granted, I’m no expert with film and I stepped out of my box for that. So, naturally, for my capstone I chose something content heavy: fiction. Of course, now I’m struggling with producing content.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned from both these projects is that the type of writing you’re doing requires many different muscles. As obvious as this realization may be to everyone else, I have to admit when I chose to write fiction I thought I was choosing something I could easily crank out consistently and with high quality. And while I’ve been able to write it, it has been anything else but consistent and at this moment in time and am questioning the quality. I’m hoping that this next week of consistent (and all day every day) time dedicated to this project will help solidify the quality I’m working for, but as with the gateway, I have found myself in the last week of hell.

So, in the effort of remaining positive, I accept this challenge of whatever this week of work entails (although I tried my best to avoid it). Let’s see what we can do.

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  1. Hi Anne!

    Is it weird for me to choose your post to respond to when you are quite literally sitting right next to me eating strawberries? Maybe. But I think that your reflection on your gateway project (of which I also know intimately) is something I want to respond to.

    I think in many ways our experiences were similar. I never struggled coming up with ideas or putting it all together but somewhere in the execution of the “thing” I was left disappointed. Most of this has to do with my topic – it was a personal narrative style piece (like my capstone) but the creation and development of it was extremely difficult for me do to the closeness of the topic. In that way, I struggled to create something that I feel was truly honest – I was living it right then and there and pulling myself out of the situation to create something that would withstand the test of time was nearly impossible.

    So for capstone, I thought by focusing more in the past to dictate the present and future – reflecting – would be easier. I was wrong. I think it was almost more difficult for me because these are things that I think about in the comfort of my lonesome. Putting it all out there on display was painful and hard and scary. All of this contributed to the procrastination and writers’ block that I suffered from for weeks. It was work writing for the first time in a long time.

    But I think that by working through it, I somehow made something that I am so proud of. It is probably my favorite work I have ever written and the process of pushing myself makes it more rewarding. I’m excited to keep writing – keep working. Even if it is only in my own free time. Let’s see what we can keep doing.

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