This is not a writing class.

Hi, future MIW Gateway students. It’s past Catherine, giving you advice. Am I qualified to do so? Maybe not, but you’re getting some anyway.

Talk in class. We start every day by writing and having a couple of people read, and the first few days can be horribly uncomfortable before people warm up to the idea. If you force yourself into comfort early, I promise it will be better in the long run.

Bounce ideas off of one another, especially your professor. I titled this post “This is not a writing class” because you’re going to have to more than just writing. If you were expecting nightly readings and a few essays (@myself), then you will likely block yourself off to other ideas (@MYSELF). Talking to other people about your ideas helps to break the writer’s block (or artist’s block or playwright’s block or musician’s block or poet’s block… you get it).

Try things, because there’s no reason not to! I did two experiments that I thought of on a whim, and one of them ended up being my final project. This is your chance to explore genres and mediums that you’ve had no exposure to. Now you get the chance, so take advantage of it.

Three points seems like the max I’d be able to handle when reading unsolicited advice, so I’ll keep it there. Best of luck this semester!

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