Update: I still can’t navigate Wix

It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman trying to use Wix to build a website for my Gateway project.

(Technically, that really was only like a year ago, so I’m not too removed from that experience but that’s not my point. )

They make it look so easy — cute little blogs with photos and buttons and interactive features that make you go, “Wow, this person really knows what they’re doing!”


Then you try to build your own little interactive feature, and suddenly it’s like I should have gotten a degree in computer science. I try to customize a button, and I’m on YouTube watching “How to” tutorials for an hour, which is approximately 59 minutes longer than I’ve actually spent building my website.

I remember last year thinking that I’d need to budget myself 100,000,000 hours of time to build my website for this project. Or, I’d find a way around building a website — maybe I’d like, magically become good at music and make like an album, or a movie! (Turns out neither of those things are things you magically become good at.)

So, here we are. Battling the never-ending battle with Wix. Building my interactive features one painful click through the navigation process at a time. And it has been an absolute joy. But, on the bright side, the website IS coming along — and it WILL end up looking good, regardless of how many YouTube tutorials I have to watch.

(Side note: I am accepting any and all tips and tricks for Wix.)

2 thoughts to “Update: I still can’t navigate Wix”

  1. Hey Laney! I totally relate to this struggle–I have run into the same problems trying to figure my Wix site out! As someone who is extremely challenged by technology, I definitely understand your plight. For something as straightforward as Wix, building a website is SO time consuming and very confusing. I commend you for sticking through it! You have much more patience than I do–I get through thirty seconds of a tutorial before calling it quits. Something that I’ve found that helps me in building websites is to sit down with definitive goals in mind–for example, in this work session, I will get all the pages of my website on the same color scheme. That way, I only have to figure out one thing at a time. Good luck 🙂

  2. Hi Laney! You’re preaching to the choir over here – I actually just wrote a post about how I found Wix to be unbelievably hard to navigate. I have a roommate who’s majoring in computer science, so I asked her what makes a website successful. She’s incredibly talented, so I thought she’d be the first person to ask. She told me that the user interface is more important than the functionality, and that the layout is most important. So maybe we should all take a moment, take a step back, and think about the layout of our websites. Is it attractive to the user? To the reader? Would someone continue to look at our website or click away after 20 seconds? These are the questions I began to ask myself when building my website, and I’ve found them incredibly helpful over the past week. I hope this helps! Good luck with building the rest of your site – I’m sure it’ll look great.

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