Video Poempalooza

For my final project I will be realizing my first experiment, a video poem based on the first poem of my creative writing poem portfolio (which is serving as my origin piece) that examines the differing perspectives of a newborn baby and the world around it.

It is entitled “Life Becomes A Girl” and I plan for it to have about a 3 minute duration, with a progression of a newborn girl being born in the hospital to being taken home and adjusting to the world around her. This one is less centric to the overall theme of my experiments, which is a tribute to my grandmother’s life, as it does not convey any of her specific life experiences or facts as do the other two experiments. Yet this is the experiment I felt most passionate for. While it was easily the most difficult to create and will be the most difficult to adapt, I found myself enjoying the process of this experiment the most, and also the greatest satisfaction when completing the sample.

The concerns that I outlined in my sketch and sample are still relevant, and I’m still worried about them, but I trust in my abilities. Namely, I think it will be difficult to find high-definition, readily-available footage of the scenes I want to show, as I don’t really have any old VHS or DVD footage of my own or siblings’ lives at hand. I also believe I’ll have to somewhat re-learn the shortcuts of editing and sound mixing and such that I held a small grasp of whilst conducting the sample.

The good thing is that the scenes are all mapped out from my sketch. All I really have to do is find the right footage for them, and once I find them, it just becomes a matter of editing. This takes time, but I’m very willing to sacrifice time for quality. I also have to record the rest of the narration for the video poem, but that should not prove to be too arduous.

The layout or design of this project is pretty direct, considering it’s just a video. The challenge is balancing the colors and the transitions so that there’s a sense of fluidity and continuity with the footage. It also has to balance with the background music and narration, which influences the duration of the clips and cuts that are made.

No lie, this final project is daunting. It took me a long time to do the sample, and that ended up around just over a minute. Now I have to create two more minutes of it, with footage I believed would be harder to find. So we’ll see how it goes. Overall though, I’m content with my choice, and I’m happy knowing I decided to undergo a passionate challenge rather than something of boring ease.

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