Well, I guess my project is done

The title of this post really encapsulates all of my feelings towards this project. It is finally done. No more stress about if I have any idea what I’m doing or if somebody is going to read it and be offended. No more staying up until 2 am thinking about the project, but not really doing anything.

I think that I will kind of miss the stress this project gave me. This was the first time that I was REALLY supposed to think about something and turn it into my own. While part of me hopes I will never need to do anything like it again, the other part of me knows that the challenge was worth it.

To be honest, I am not sure how often I will be looking back at this project. I think this is mainly because it took so much out of me, but also largely because I don’t want to look back and see that after all that work I mistyped something or used the wrong word. I am proud of my work but I also think that distance always makes you fonder and the less I look at it now the more I will like it later. Or maybe I will never look at it again. I really can’t say for certain.

The next few hours I spend on this project will be solely focused on my annotated bibliography. The thing that I have enjoyed the most about this project and the work put in it is that there was actually a climactic ending. Showing the work to my peers made me proud of what I had done, which is a very different feeling than merely turning in a paper and receiving a grade. I didn’t do this project for a grade. I did the project for myself and that is something I am going to remember fondly about my senior year of college.

2 thoughts to “Well, I guess my project is done”

  1. Hi Emily, I had a similar experience at the showcase. At first, I still had no idea about how my website would come off to other people, so I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my peers. But it turned out that the gateway students thought highly of my project, and it made me feel very good when one of them said he would look into it as reference for his own capstone. Later, I went back to my own gateway and realized how much better my capstone looks. It was almost as if I improved without even noticing that I was getting better, so it was a pleasant conclusion to the project.

  2. Hi Emily,
    I definitely agree about being unsure how often I will look back at my project. Part of me couldn’t stop thinking about it when I “turned it in,” but later, I didn’t allow myself to even read it because I KNEW I would see an error (I guess the nice thing is we can still go in and change it?).

    I hope I will like my project more as time goes on, but for now, I’m happy with just other people reading it too!

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