Is anyone else surprised we finished?

To be honest, I am shocked that this class has already come to an end. Maybe it was the lateness of the semester, the multiple snow days, or simply senioritis, but these past few months have felt like the longest of college, while also feeling like they flew by. After changing my topic late in the game, struggling to balance writing with my other credits, and feeling frustrated with my own inability to generate content, it really is a surprise to me that I was able to finish it.

In typical fashion, I finished very last minute, but I FINISHED. And to me, that is everything. I am proud of what I wrote and did, and while the process to get there was definitely messy, that journey is inherently mine and therefore, valid. Being able to write something vulnerable was really difficult for me, because vulnerability is arguably one of the scariest things on earth, but I did it, and I finally feel comfortable with letting it live and exist on it’s own.

Looking forward, I am thankful for everything I have learned and created in this class. While I will probably never be the type of person who gets things done ahead of schedule, I am confident once again in my ability to get them done, and to feel like a writer even in the face of adversity. In a way, this capstone brought me back to how I felt during gateway, and reflected a lot of the emotions I am feeling in my own life. But thankfully, I have an outlet, in that I can write about those feelings and start to find clarity. For that, I will always be grateful.

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