My name is Riley. I’m a junior at the University studying history and political science. And now writing. I was born in Chicago, and I live with my parents and my younger sister in a suburb bordering the city when I’m not here.

Outside of basic personal info, I love music, and my headphones are no doubt among my most treasured possessions. I listen to a huge range of music but I’m particularly drawn to indie rock and alt electronic artists. I love live music and I go to concerts whenever I get the chance. I’m also super into chess. I’m definitely someone who’s at their best when immersed in some obsession or another, and chess has been my focus for the last few months. I also love 2D art and spent a lot of long days at the Art Institute this summer.

My interest in writing probably stems from an early interest in reading. I have really enjoyed writing for a long time; there’s no challenge like finding the right word or phrase to capture your thoughts perfectly. I love the fact that I can finish a piece of writing, look at it, and feel like I accomplished something—like my work was worthwhile. This is a feeling I rarely get with any other work. This made me want to expand my writing skills and learn as much as I could from other writers, so I’ve been taking classes at the University and now I’m part of the MIW. I’m excited to meet everyone else in the program and read your writing!

I’ve included a picture of me with some buds and some pictures I took at Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin, my favorite place I went this summer.

2 thoughts to “Ahoy!”

  1. These pictures are awesome, Devil’s Lake looks gorgeous! I’m excited to talk to you more about your music taste since I love those genres too, and learn more about your passion for writing.

  2. Hi Riley!

    I’m also a PoliSci major! I think it’s cool that you chose to dually major with history–I chose to major in Soc because we don’t have Criminal Justice–and then top it all off with writing! It was also super interesting to read why you’re interested in writing, along with your music taste!

    Looking forward to seeing your work this semester!

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