(Gateway Mcdaniel)

Discomfort. It’s an interesting term for me because, during my time here at the University of Michigan, I’ve personally thought of this term in a positive sense. Many situations, whether academically, socially or even financially, regardless of how uncomfortable I feel, I understand that I will always gain something from the experience. However, putting aside my personal definition of discomfort and sticking to the more conventionally accepted way, the article I read dealt with an analysis of a recent tennis championship. What made this article uncomfortable to me was the fact that I don’t give a rat’s ass in the slightest about anything sports-related, and to read a piece that’s not only sports-related but one that analyzes trivial performance inconsistencies, and debates aged rules was honestly worse than hell for me. It, however, was intriguing to read about the ongoing rivalries of the new tennis players versus the old ones, with the old tennis players defending their rusted, worn-out Championship Titles from the eager green eared newbies. It was something I never expected myself to enjoy reading about and the further on the author went about talking about the impact of age to a tennis player – which makes sense for literally any athlete, but it’s not something I personally consciously think about – was another very intriguing part of the story. Overall, it was surprising to find interesting nuggets of information in a what I’d previously consider a pigsty of a topic.

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