Introduction to Fairy Tales

When I think of fairytales, I automatically think of my childhood. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and the list goes on and on. Logistically speaking, fairy tales are children’s stories that include magical and imaginary features and characters. Fairy tales do not necessarily need to be stories about fairies, but typically include a few majestical characters such as elves, unicorns, goblins, dwarves and so on. Many people recognize fairy tales as stories that begin with a phrase such as “Once upon a time…” and ending with a phrase like “happily ever after”. Additionally, most fairy tales feature both good characters and evil characters often providing the plot with a conflict and a resolution. But speaking from the standpoint of a 19 year old girl who grew up reading and appreciating fairy tales all her life, fairy tales are a fantasy that may feature a villain or a witch, but always end with the perfect happy ending.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of fairy tales. Nothing is more exciting than a story filled with magical characters and objects. As a young kid, I always fantasized about fairy tales relating to my own life. I recall countless playdates with friends which consisted of putting on costumes and acting out our favorite fairy tale stories. My favorite fairy tales as a child were definitely Cinderella and Snow White. My mom read me these stories as a young girl and I always followed up by watching the movies based on these fairy tales with my friends. Their inclusion of princesses, a main conflict, a villain and a happy ending appealed to me as a child and continue to appeal to me today.

I believe that writing any story, regardless of the setting, time or theme, in the form of a fairy tale can make the story more enjoyable to both write and read. Fairy tales allow people to escape reality for a moment and immerse themselves in a fantasy world for the time being. Fairy tales are an exceptionally creative, unique and special literary form. I think that writing a story about my childhood blanket in the form of a fairy tale will allow me to use my creative mind to add an interesting twist to my childhood story. Therefore, I am looking forward to the opportunity to turn a piece about an object that has a very significant meaning to me personally into a fun, lighthearted fairy tale.

4 thoughts to “Introduction to Fairy Tales”

  1. I have also always had a love for fairy tales. It sounds like thus far you have been looking at the very traditional formula for the fairy tale genre, but I was wondering if you’ve given any thought to the more modern idea of fairy tales that seems to have arisen. I feel like every time I see a movie trailer now there is some reference to a “modern fairy tale” or a “fairy tale reimagined.” It might be fun and open up some new doors for creativity to look a bit into how the fairy tale has evolved over time and what the expectations of a traditional fairy tale look like versus the idea of fairy tale literature looks like now. Might be something interesting to play around with!

  2. I love the idea of turning a sentimental piece of your childhood into a fairytale — it sounds like every child’s dream. I was wondering if/how you plan to include the traditional “moral” behind most fairytales into your story.

  3. I thought it was really funny that you used the phrase about fairy tales not necessarily needing to include fairies – it honestly made me laugh. From there I thought that it was a smart move to talk more about why you were attracted to the genre of fairy tales than to go into specifics on a generally well known genre.

  4. I like the theme of childhood that you have throughout! I’d like to know more about the process of how you create the fairytale story about your blanket and what your happy ending is. You might want to look into international fairy tales as well because some have more ambiguous endings, such as international versions of The Little Mermaid or Cinderella. (Also, that could give you a good idea of how different retellings of fairy tales can be.)

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