options, options, options

I want to make a podcast, a documentary, expand my writing. I want to write poetry, make a blog, and take a journalist approach. After the minor in writing meeting (party?), my excitement for writing ignited again. I feel like Dorothy as she enter the City of Oz, the dainty field of flowers leading to the green city (although hopefully writing will not lull me to sleep!). I want to pick every flower that appears before me, but I am also very aware of my lack of time, pressing me forward even though all I want to do is run around and explore. I am looking forward to completing the minor in writing because I am able to try out different mediums of writing that isn’t traditionally done in the classroom. I’m used to be given a topic, a rubric, a prompt, and to be able to only write long form. But for issues that I’m passionate about or interested in writing, the most effective way to convey it could be through a podcast or by using videos or visual aid in addition to my writing. I am also excited to become more flexible in writing long form by taking English classes that are required for the program. I am excited to be able to write in ways that can be more applicable in the real world rather than a traditionally essay. Before me the yellow brick road seems to fork off in many different directions, providing paths outside of the green castle that I’ve always been directed to look at.

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