Post-MiW Welcome Meeting Thoughts

I knew coming into the Minor in Writing welcome meeting that this program supported a wide array of students and their interests, but I think I needed to see it for myself to really understand. There were art students, math students, pre-med students, communications students, and more. We are all so different in every academic sense except our collective interest in writing. Meeting students in other gateway courses with passions similar and far from my own was refreshing, and talking to previous gateway students really helped me create an initial vision for my path in this program. I can work on any genre from poetry to prose, any topic from video games to philosophy. With so much room to experiment, I’m working on being open to all the results of such exploration- knowing that whether they are reassuring or challenging, they will be constructive. From years spent wishing for more writing freedom to being faced with many different modes of writing, this newfound opportunity to develop myself as a multi-modal writer is pretty much uncharted territory. For instance, I want to explore editorial writing and develop my TV/film reviews. But I also want to do a deep media analysis, as well as experiment with poetry. Incorporating art into my writing is important to me, and conducting interviews is a goal of mine. Those are just the first ideas that come to mind. While I know I can’t experiment with every single mode of writing I am contemplating, I now have the opportunity to dive into the types of writing I am passionate about exploring. The lack of restrictions or rigid rubrics makes me feel at least a little uncertain of my ability to push myself past previous writing standards, but I’m prepared to be flexible and find out what works and doesn’t work for me. All these options give me room to succeed and fall short, reflect and revise, and then do it all again. And even though having so many options is a new obstacle for me, it’s a good problem to have. I can work with that, and I will.

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