Yeah… I think I’ll just do them all

This class, like gateway, moves so slow and so fast at the same time. It’s slow because we work on (essentially) one thing for an entire semester. We have almost four months to do a single project, so we have the luxury of spacing things out. But not really. The class moves crazy fast because these projects are pretty massive. When I first came into the class, I had 0 plans. Not even a twinkle of an idea in my brain for what my project could be. And then, as soon as I sat down, class was over and we had five days to come up with not one or two, but FOUR project ideas, one of which would ultimately be what we spend the whole semester working on. That stressed me out.

But coming up with my ideas turned out to not be that hard. As students in college, and as writers, we tend to have a lot floating around in our brains at once, and creating ideas is about going fishing for those ideas to turn them into a tangible plan. I was pretty excited about three out of four of my ideas, which is a decent turn-out. I told them to my mom and to my friends, and felt myself picking a favorite as I explained each one over and over.

Right before I came into class, I told my roommate how it would go down. “I’ll read all my pitches and they’ll all be like ooooh sandcastles and I’ll be like yeah but movement, you guys.” I had made the decision that a website about the power of movement in our minds and bodies would be a really thrilling project for me to create. It could incorporate various styles of writing, extensive research, implementation, and be an exciting challenge. But it wasn’t quite as beautiful as my other two. One, that dealt with mental health on campus as a senior and another that dealt with the impermanence of life expressed as a metaphor about sandcastles. But I didn’t want to do those. I wanted to do movement. I did my best to put this decision in the very very back of my head and be open to hearing what my classmates thought about my pitches.

The reality of the situation was almost exactly like my prediction. The class seemed most intrigued by my senior year and my sandcastles pitches, not as much by my movement one. They even suggested combining the two former ideas in a study of the temporary nature of life and life’s events. I do love these two ideas. I think they’re both important in their own way. I loved hearing people’s ideas, like Amy’s suggestion to include coping methods to practice during senior year and Courtney’s note that a pamphlet about senior year would be really beneficial on social media. I plan on carrying these ideas out.

But not now. Not here. Explaining my pitches one final time to my class made me realize the passion I have for movement and its healing power in our minds and bodies. It really encapsulates a lot of who I am at this point in my life, personally, academically, and professionally. I really can’t beat that. I’m so grateful for this class for providing me with the time to do a project like this because I wouldn’t do it otherwise. This is the perfect time for a movement guide as I depart from my life as an undergraduate student and enter a new future. I hope to make a guide to senior year in my Community Action class this semester. I hope to make a photobook about sandcastles and life after I graduate and live in uncertainty for a few months while I get my life together. I really appreciate my peers for encouraging me to pursue these ideas. Sorry, though, guys. Not gonna happen yet. Stay tuned.

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5 thoughts to “Yeah… I think I’ll just do them all”

  1. And you SHOULD do them all, but you’re right, not here or now. Exploring movement and healing sounds like an amazing endeavor for this semester. I’m sure we’ll all benefit greatly from your research! I personally could use some instruction for putting these things into practice. But, more importantly, I hope this process is healing and inspirational for you at this particular moment in your life.

    On your note about how quickly things move in this class: you came in with no ideas and developed four incredible concepts in just a few days! And you managed to circle back to something you’re really invested in.

    Congratulations, and best of luck.

  2. I remember talking to you on the first day of class and I hope I didn’t make you nervous by telling you that I already thought I had my idea set (and now we both know that it was not set at all). I’m really glad that you went beyond the classroom and talked to some important people in your life about these topics because they know you on a different level than all of us do. I think that movement topic is timely and your excitement for Yoga is palpable so I’m really glad you are choosing to follow your heart on this one!! I am also happy that you are not completely abandoning your other ideas and instead trying to carry them out in different ways.
    Maybe you can lead our class in a flow one day!!

  3. I definitely would love to see you do your own flows! As someone who has always been interested in the healing powers of yoga and meditation (but finds excuses not to practice it actively), having something on hand might push me to actually use it. Especially if it came alongside information on how its helpful, and what its useful for. I feel like a lot of free, common sources tend to give brief explanations, and if you gave us the therapeutic/psychological positioning, I feel like there would definitely be a draw.

  4. Emma,
    I really relate to the feeling of this class giving you an opportunity to do a project that you otherwise wouldn’t. It’s so cool to me. I get to work on something that I love and have always wanted to do, and I get credit for it? Doesn’t seem real to me. I’m glad you know yourself well enough to make the tough decision to prioritize your ideas and thoughts over those of others. I’m looking forward to seeing your project develop!!

  5. I’m so happy that you took all of our thoughts in but also knew what you want. I feel like because this takes so much creativity it’s important that you take in peoples advice while still listening to yourself. I definitely think that everyone should eventually act on all of their project pitches because they are all creative ideas, whether its this semester or years from now. As far as what you decide to go with for your project this semester , based upon your post I would say whatever is currently lighting your fire now is probably the best way yo go. This is also kind of a difficult statement to come to terms with because I feel like there are so many things to be passionate about whether its Sandcastles or life after graduation. I feel like after you take some time to meditate and think about which one really draws you in the decision will be clear.

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